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Why Outsource

HAVE YOU NOTICED how popular outsourcing has become? 

It makes so much sense!

Of course, organizations still need their core competency in the form of a full time/part time staff members.

But sometimes those members of your team already have a maxed out job description (at least MOST are running a more LEAN  staffing structure these days).
PLUS - even if the current team can squeeze into their schedule - do they have the real expertise to do it well?

Your next stage of growth using B2B R WE is a "project", which will be a temporary or very part time activity, so why pay benefits, provide an office space & equipment for a worker onsite when you get better results from an offsite expert? 

When you need BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, SALES LEADS for your SALES TEAM, NEW PRODUCTS INTRODUCED, INVITATIONS & REGISTRATION for a special event - let's talk about how we can fill that gap.

All we need to deliver the AFFORDABLE results you want and in a timely manner - is the scope of the project and your timeline. We'll fill in the blanks with a proposal. 

We are basically the equivalent of an inside sales department - except that you don't have the ongoing overhead of space, furniture and salaries.

 We have the expertise and technology to convert raw

data into increased sales volume and planning tools.

 The Top 10 Reasons to Use an Outsourcer and why Fleet STARS Consulting Is A Great Option

1. Focus on Core Strengths

We focus on lead generation - finding the right person and delivering your message. This allows you and your sales team to focus on your core strengths - closing the sale so you can generate business for your company.

2. "Data" is Transformed into Valuable Business Intelligence

3. Call Quality is Rigorously Monitored

We recognize that the quality and effectiveness of the call is paramount to success and our callers are coached on a regular basis.

4. Effective Integrated Marketing Programs

We provide related services to complement your lead generation campaign, including email fulfillment, seminar registration and follow-up, to name a few. We have the resources and technology in place to respond to a client's requirements.

5. Greater Ability to Handle Peaks

We have the flexibility to adjust quickly and easily to both planned and unplanned spikes and rapid growth.

6. Responsiveness

We have dedicated project team associates for each client to ensure the highest level of performance and responsiveness.

7. Fast Starting – Expedited Time to Market

Our team will hit the ground running. We can set up and execute a program faster and with fewer problems because of our experience, professionalism and commitment to quality.

8. Enhanced Reporting and Unbiased Feedback

We will provide you with comprehensive and informative reports to give you better strategic insight. We capture data for use in enhancing your business strategies and internal data systems. Our feedback is detailed, accurate and unbiased.

9. Quality Results Approach

Our team is well compensated and receives special incentives, rather than paid a low base rate and then paid bonuses based on the number of leads generated. By setting high standards of excellence in client program management, we provide the proper environment for delivering quality results rather than a large volume of marginal leads.

10. Cost Effectiveness

Our program costs to you are a flat rate - there are no employment related costs (benefits, parking, supervision) and you have no additional office overhead relative to the program.  The results we deliver are equivalent to those of a small in-house department but priced at a fraction of the cost.