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Smooth Is Better

We believe that managing projects smoothly benefits everyone - the prospect, the dealership, your sales team and our own team.  Over the years, we've developed a thorough, systematic approach that works well and we pride ourselves on efficiency and quality professional performance.  In order to ensure a smooth process, we have become experts in planning and management of the B2B projects.

Allow 2-3 weeks lead time for launching your calling program.  Short notice projects are accepted based on feasibility.

Check List of what we need):

  • To get started - we need the date for either an event or the launch date for developing leads/setting appointments.
  • Size of the list.
  • We need the list (see list guidelines below)
  • Event promo and/or major points and benefits for the sales appointments and leads. 
  • The date of your mailing, if you are sending a letter, invitation or postcard.
  • Next, we need what level of calling program you would like.  See Program Level guidelines below
  • Finally, we need the payment prior to confirming the project.  US Dollars -  Wire transfer is preferred; major credit cards and PayPal are also accepted.  Now, we create the script, load the list into our database system, assign your B2B caller and confirm the project on our calendar.

List Guidelines:

  • Excel/CSV format.
  • Column heading included
  • Company/agency + management level contacts of the organization, phone, fax, address, website.  If no emails are listed, we will gather the email addresses during the calling project.  If no individual contacts are given - we will inquire for key contact and add that to your database.

Program Levels:

  • Level I - Call once through to each contact, leaving messages if no live contact
  • Level II - Call once through same as Level I - add a second attempt to remaining files where no live contact was possible with first round.
  • Level III - Call as in Level II - add a third attempt to remaining files where no live contact was possible with first and second attempts.
  • Level IV - An 8 week pilot, ideal for very large lists and/or a preference for ongoing sales support. This is a pipeline management strategy, using alarms set for future follow up as needed. 

Seamless Phone Interface:

We recommend that you provide us with a cell number listed as the dealership, so that all calls are coming from your business via VOIP technology.

Fleet B2B Sales Training:

When deemed appropriate, we have Fleet Sales expertise available for training your sales team on optimal B2B program lead follow up.