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B2B Fleet Marketing

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Our Effective Process Works!

We partner with your sales team.

Whether we are generating leads and sales appointments or extending invitations for a fleet event - we use a contact list provided by you. 

The qualify of the list is a critical factor.  You may have an in-house database OR you can acquire a local board of trade or other list of businesses in your market area. 

Once we have your the event date or a starting date for lead generation - we place your B2B fleet project in the project planning que.  Next, we need the promo description, features and benefits, agenda or other details from which we create a script.  Once we receive payment - the project is officially scheduled.


Pricing factors include size of list, complexity of script, number of multiple attempts for calling each contact.

Data Base Management

Database technology includes ACT, Sales Force and other online options.


You receive a final report for projects with a set duration and weekly reports for ongoing projects - plus leads during the calling schedule. 

Faxing Options

Faxes are best sent from your dealership. 

Snail Mail

When letters, invitations and promo collateral are sent via snail mail - the calls are scheduled to follow the mailing arrival within a reasonable span of a few days.