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Uniquely Qualified Experts


Owner/Executive B2B Project Manager,  Clarette Martin, has a strong background in B2B sales - spanning over 25 years.  Plus, her career history also includes ownership/leadership roles in human resources, executive search (headhunting), management consulting,  marketing - covering multiple industries.

Some B2B Sales highlights:

  • For a Beverly Hills firm - Implemented lead generation program which generated $350,000 per month revenue
  • Targeting top tier retailers - developed new accounts which resulted in a start up Returns (damaged and outdated electronics and equipment inventory) enterprise to $7 million annual revenue
  • Generated sales opportunities for Starbucks Office Coffee Seattle operator, earning them the 'poster boy' ranking within the entire nationwide Starbucks B2B network.
  • Fleet Commercial Trade Event calls for Toronto dealership,  targeting Board of Trade list - resulted in 200 customers in showroom first day of the event.

Sometimes referred to as "The Cold Call Queen" - Clarette believes that courtesy, professionalism, a viable market and diligence WILL deliver results in any sales program.

Team Members

Our team members are highly professional:

  • B2B Calling Experience
  • Independent Consultant Experience
  • Articulate
  • Intelligent
  • Efficient
  • Excellent People Skills
  • Upbeat Personalities
  • Great Voices
  • NO regional or foreign accents

Team members average 15 years experience in sales and project management,  covering a diverse range of industries and roles.  Each team member is an independent contractor, who focuses on the assigned project under the Team Leader's high standards & guidelines.